VMware continue to step away from Cisco

They used to be such close friends Cisco and VMware, getting together (along with EMC) to create a baby and calling it VCE. Each one brought its own things into the shared flat, Cisco added some lampshades, VMware added some crockery. EMC contributed a nice set of shelves.

Over time VMware grew tired of those Cisco lampshades, it wanted to have newer sleeker goods. The three-way relationship wasn’t really working; three was definitely a crowd. By now, though, property was spread across the flat and the breakup wasn’t going to happen over night.

A little while ago custody of VCE was decided when, by mutual consent EMC and VMware became the primary parents.

The flat still needed cleaning out though.

Yesterday VMware handed a spare lampshade back to Cisco by ceasing to sell the Nexus V1000:

VMware has decided to no longer offer Nexus 1000V through VMware sales or sell support for the Nexus 1000V through the VMware support organization as of Feb 2nd 2015.  We want to reiterate that this has NO IMPACT on the availability and associated support from Cisco for the Nexus 1000V running in a vSphere environment.  Cisco will continue to sell Nexus 1000V and offer support contracts. Cisco encourages customers who are currently using VMware support for the Nexus 1000V to migrate their support contracts to Cisco by contacting their local Cisco Sales team to aide in this transition.

Cisco still regards VMware as a friend, but things can be a bit awkward with a former partner.

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