Because it’s Friday: “Chinese Spouting Bowl in Slow Motion” by The Slow Mo Guys

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most fascinating when slowed down, that’s certainly true when the Slow Mo Guys start to play with a Chinese Spouting Bowl, also known as a Singing Bowl.

Being able to see sound vibrations and the resulting resonance is fabulous, especially when you see that the bowl you thought was quite still is moving quite a bit:

Because it’s Friday: “10 Hours Of Relaxing Planet Earth II Mountain Sounds” by Earth Unplugged

I usually choose short interesting videos, this one isn’t one of them, it’s 10 hours of mountain video with sound from Planet Earth II including green meadows, forests, snow capped peaks, hummingbirds and bees.

There’s an interesting reason for the BBC doing this and that’s it’s Real Happiness Project which has been built following a study which suggests that watching nature programmes, specifically Planet Earth II, is good for your happiness:

The study found a range of significant results evidencing not only that watching content from Planet Earth II inspired significant increases in feelings of awe, contentedness, joy, amusement and curiosity, but that it also acted to reduce feelings of tiredness, anger and stress. In the majority of cases, changes in emotions were caused by the type of content viewed, and significantly different from the control group. Our findings therefore support the conclusion that viewing Planet Earth II inspires positive changes in emotions that are distinct to the natural history genre.

If you prefer desert, or island, or jungle video and sounds, there’s another 10 hours available for each of them. You could spend a whole working week just watching and listening to nature.

Because it’s Friday: “Detour” a film by Michel Gondry

I’m feeling a little bit surreal today and this film by Michel Gondry fit the criteria.

The tricycle is definitely the star of the show, nut the singing fish are quite good too.

From a technical perspective, it’s shot entirely on an iPhone 7 (which is why it’s been published by Apple). Film making used to require equipment worth millions of pounds, there are clearly limitations to using a mobile device, but this video shows that film making can now be done an a very reasonable budget:

Because it’s Friday: Deeper Underground

Love it, or hate it, there’s no denying that the style and architecture of the London Underground is iconic. In this video take a walk down the middle of the tunnels, platforms, escalators and stairs. Someone had some very late nights to get all of these places with so few people in them.

We have a thing with tunnels. The underground of London is one of the most impressive infrastructures of the world. It’s a network that transports millions of people every day. Some call it hell. We see beauty.

The infinite tunnels pull us in with their symmetry. The ceiling lights guide our eyes to the horizon. The tiles and posters form patterns that please the eye. The echoes of rushing crowds, a flickering light, a train zooming by.

Because it’s Friday: “WoodSwimmer” by Brett Foxwell

Stop motion appears quite often on a Friday, that’s partly because I like it, but also because I’m fascinated by the amount of time people will spend creating a piece.

Today’s stop motion must have taken an extraordinary amount of effort and patience with each frame being built by shaving off another layer of wood.

Brett Foxwell who created it describes it like this:

It was a challenging technique to perfect, but once I did, I was able to shoot short sequences that move the camera through samples of hardwood, burls and branches. The result is beautiful imagery both abstract and very real. In the twisting growth rings and the swirling rays, a new universe is revealed.

Via Colossal