Because it’s Friday: “Fake Apple Store” by Improv Everywhere

The folks at Improv Everywhere decided that as the iconic glass cube Apple Store on 5th Avenue, NY was closed for refurbishment they would open another one – using a subway elevator.

They even created a queue of people waiting to get the new iPhone X, people love to join a queue:

Because it’s Friday: An Alphabet of Brands

Designer Vinicius Araújo has created an Alphabet of Brands which renders each letter, using a Helvetica form, in the style of an electronics brand that represents that letter.

  • B for Beats
  • D for Dell
  • J for JBL
  • X for Xerox
  • you get the idea..

It’s amazing how evident the aesthetic styles are in these beautifully done renditions.

Watch out for a few animations as well.

Via Colossal:

Because it’s Friday: Blue Planet II: The Prequel

I once spent a very memorable evening in a 21,000 seat arena in Manchester where the biggest screen I have ever seen covered the whole of one side.

Sat below the screen, dwarfed by it’s scale, was a full classical orchestra.

The orchestra was there to play the original soundtrack to accompany the stunning Blue Planet visuals on the screen. The visual and auditory effect was stunning.

We’ll soon be watching Blue Planet II, but before that here’s a prequel: