Because it’s Friday: “WoodSwimmer” by Brett Foxwell

Stop motion appears quite often on a Friday, that’s partly because I like it, but also because I’m fascinated by the amount of time people will spend creating a piece.

Today’s stop motion must have taken an extraordinary amount of effort and patience with each frame being built by shaving off another layer of wood.

Brett Foxwell who created it describes it like this:

It was a challenging technique to perfect, but once I did, I was able to shoot short sequences that move the camera through samples of hardwood, burls and branches. The result is beautiful imagery both abstract and very real. In the twisting growth rings and the swirling rays, a new universe is revealed.

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Because it’s Friday: Games Console Microwave – FURZE’S INVENTION SHOW

Mrs Chastney makes a mean soup which I like to bring into the office for lunch. In the office there’s a kitchen with a row of microwave ovens on one side just right for warming soup and heating other foodstuffs. People go into the kitchen, select the desired time and stand around looking uncomfortable, not knowing what to do while they wait. It’s only a couple of minutes, but it’s still uncomfortable. This is where Colin Furze come in with a fabulous new invention – the Games Console Microwave!

I suspect that incorporating Games Console Microwaves into the office kitchen would give us a new set of problems to deal with, but it would take away the embarrassing standing around.

Because it’s Friday: “Unsatisfying” by Parallel Motion Design Studio

In the UK we quite like disappointment, there’s something about things not quite working out that we find comforting, even humorous.

The team at Parallel Motion Design Studio created this little video which  animates many of those wonderful unsatisfying occurrences that life throws at us and it made me chuckle.

The team who created it loved the idea so much, they started a challenge and many other people joined in with there own idea of unsatisfying at

There’s also a set of GIFs available if you prefer.

Have a wonderful Friday:

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Because it’s Friday: Never Ending Blooms by John Edmark

Do you know what the Golden Ratio is? How about the Golden Angle?

I’ll let you click the links to find out more; or you could watch the following video to see how John Edmark uses these wonderful mathematical phenomena to create remarkable objects and animations:

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