Because it’s Friday: Top for 2013

As this is the last Friday (in 2013) that I’m going to publish a Because it’s Friday post I thought I would cheat and highlight the previous posts that have had the most visitors in 2013.

Jubilee Bridge

The purpose of these posts is primarily to cover things that I wouldn’t normally cover.

  1. OLED Audi
  2. Danny Macaskill
  3. Optical Illusions (apologies that some of these links now seem to be broken)
  4. Flying like a bird (which is now known to be a hoax)
  5. Remixing ‘Call Me Maybe’
  6. Contact Juggling with Akihiro Yanai
  7. Huge Pile of Leaves
  8. Huge Water Balloon and a Slow Motion Camera
  9. First-Person Perspectives
  10. Google Street View Animations
  11. Preston Bus Station in LEGO (which was due to be demolished, but has now been given a reprieve)
  12. Humorous Sign Graffiti
  13. Funny (scary) 999 Calls
  14. Land Art
  15. The History of LEGO
  16. Dilbert and the PowerPoint Summary
  17. Internet Party – Why Nobody Gets Anything Done On the Web
  18. Visual Illusions
  19. Michael Jackson Moves in LEGO
  20. Parkour Eye Level View
  21. Massive Rope Swing
  22. Time-Lapsed Changing Nature
  23. Aerial 3D Panoramas
  24. This is Water
  25. Moonwalking

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