The Talk Normal Challenge

One of my favourite blogs is Talk Normal.

Jimmy and Grandad got to Tarn HowesI work in a business that has a wonderful ability to use and abuse words. Tim Philips’ work is a wonderful antidote to the rubbish that assaults my ears every day.

He’s recently published a podcast which everyone who works in the IT industry should list to and take stock.

On answering a question about how this has become a problem Tim has this answer:

When the Internet came along there were all these exciting companies, run by people who really had never lived in the real world, but they were presented as the business innovators for the next generation, so we liked to copy them.

He then goes on to link this observation with the rise of email and other IT communication technology to produce the perfect setting for the plague of word abuse to spread.

Perhaps we should also be the ones to take up the challenge to talk normal? Normal Podcast 1 by Abby Coften


Episode 2 and Episode 3 are now available also. Normal Podcast 2 by Abby Coften Normal Podcast 3 by Abby Coften

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