Multi-tasking the Theory and theExample

Jimmy and Grandad take in the view

This morning I read this on creating passionate users:

Perhaps the biggest problem of all, though, is that the majority of people doing the most media multitasking have a big-ass blind spot on just how much they suck at it.

We believe we can e-mail and talk on the phone at the same time, with little or no degradation of either communication.

We believe we can do homework while watching a movie.

We believe we can surf the web while talking to our kids/spouse/lover/co-worker.

But we can’t! (Not without a hit on every level–time, quality, and the ability to think deeply)

This afternoon Martin pointed this out to me on the BBC:

A bus driver caught playing video games at the wheel has been sacked.
Passengers complained to bosses at Blackburn Transport in Lancashire when they heard the sound effects of the game coming from the driver’s cab.

The firm reviewed CCTV footage after it was claimed the driver was using a Play Station Portable (PSP) when he should have been watching the road.

Lancashire Police said it would investigate to see whether a criminal offence had been committed.

So we all understand that driving a bus and playing a PSP is a bad idea, so why do we try and cram other things into the same time-slot.

It always amazes me when two things connect like that.

Jimmy and Grandad have the right idea I think.

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