Because it’s Friday: “Happiness” by Steve Cutts

Sometimes I pick something on a Friday because it is light and funny, other weeks it’s because it’s beautiful, at other time…well, I pick something because it appeals to me in a different way. This is one of those weeks (for those of you needing one more clue – the title of the video is ironic):

Because it’s Friday: “The Most Unsatisfying Video in the World ever made”

This video has been viewed nearly 6 million time – not bad for something “unsatisfying”.

I’d be interested to know how you respond to it. It made me laugh, but I suspect for some of you the reaction will be very different. Just remember, whatever your reaction it’s likely that millions of other people had a similar reaction:

Because it’s Friday: “A visual history of human knowledge” by Manuel Lima

This TED talk looks at the different metaphors that we use to visualise  knowledge.

According to Lima, we used to map knowledge as trees with trunks and branches, but increasingly we are moving towards using the network as the metaphor with many-to-many connections.

Sometimes things are obvious when they are pointed out, and this is one of them. Whilst I love mind-maps, which tend to follow a tree structure, they are so often inadequate for visualising the multitude of connections that exist:

Because it’s Friday: “Rebooted” by Sagar Arun and Rachel Kral

This video is a lovely comic swipe as the change from old school comic super-heros to the darker reboots of the same characters that we get at the cinema today:

Owl Guy, a retro comic book superhero, is suddenly introduced to his rebooted counterpart.

Have fun genre and cliche spotting.

Because it’s Friday: “A Meaningful Journey | Balance” by Millican

I’ve gone a bit arty this week, but I’m not apologizing for it.

Sue and I love to swim in lakes and rivers and we are very fortunate that some of the best lake swimming in the UK is not very far away. If you follow my Instagram feed you’ll regularly see pictures of lakes just before or just after a swim. People regularly make comments about the madness of this venture, others express a desire to give it a go. Sue recently took seven others out into some open water and they loved it.

In this video from Millican, a Lake District based bag designer, Rachel Agnew explains some of the reason why she goes wild swimming:

If you want to know more about the video then see: In the Moment – Rachel Agnew.

Why Millican? Well that’s another story: Millican Dalton – The Spark and

Because it’s Friday: Massive “Time-Lapse” of London – all 7.3 gigapixels of it

London by day and London by night.

24 Hour London is a set of 24, 7.3-gigapixel, photos showing in intricate detail the change in London throughout the day. There are a few images below, but you really need to go to the site to get the full experience.

I prefered the nighttime images, being able to see how the lights changed, but also how much of London was still lit up at 4:00am.