Because it’s Friday : Photos of Africa, taken from a flying lawn chair | George Steinmetz

The following TED Talk tells the story behind an amazing collection of pictures taken by flying low and slow over Africa.

If you want to see more of George’s pictures there’s a full story on George’s site, and lots of pictures on his Instagram account.

Alexi’s plane casts a shadow over hyper-saline waters of Lake Natron, Tanzania. The lake has an unusually high pH of 10, similar to pure ammonia. Under the sun of the Great Rift Valley, it can reach 120°F, giving rise to blooms of red #algae. I was flying over this lake with my #paraglider earlier that morning, and felt uncomfortable being so far offshore, as #paramotor engines are notoriously unreliable. So I wimped and went back to land on the beach, only to discover that my carburetor was messed up and I was a few minutes from running out of fuel. If I had GONE FOR IT that morning, I would have landed in that red soup, which is so caustic that it burns your skin. So, feeling lucky to still be walking, I asked Alexis to take me up over the lake in his #Cessna, and got an even better picture! If I had to choose being smart or being lucky, I’d take lucky! #adventure #karma To see a TED talk about my 39 years of field work in #Africa, try the link in the bio of @geosteinmetz

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