Because it’s Friday : Photos of Africa, taken from a flying lawn chair | George Steinmetz

The following TED Talk tells the story behind an amazing collection of pictures taken by flying low and slow over Africa.

If you want to see more of George’s pictures there’s a full story on George’s site, and lots of pictures on his Instagram account.

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Sulphur stains the salt formations of Dallol, and green algae thrives in the hot mineral-rich waters. The spring is 130 meters below sea level in the #AfarDepression of #Ethiopia, which has the lowest point in #Africa. It also has the #hottest temperatures on earth, with a year round day/night average of 34.6 °C (94.3 °F). The area offers rare glimpse into the geological forces of #tectonic rift zones that are usually hidden deep beneath the sea. Moments after taking this picture I broke through the orange crust and went in up to my knees, filling up my rubber boots with scalding soup. #rudepedicure To see a TED talk about my 39 years of field work in Africa, try the link in the bio of @geosteinmetz

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