Because it’s Friday: Not Available on the App Store

This weekend is a public holiday in the UK which gives me an extra day to get away from the laptop keyboard and screen, but I have to admit to being a bit of a junky with my iPhone and all of the Apps. The iPhone will travel with me, even on a public holiday.

The header image was taken by a friend while we were out hill walking the other week. He titled it “Mr Wainwright & iPhone”. It was taken on a glorious day with fabulous views, the freshest of air, invigorating exercise and the satisfaction of achieving another goal; but I still had to update my iPhone app that tracks which hills I’ve climbed. Yes, I am embarrassed by this.

Three students have had the idea of printing stickers which say “Not Available on the App Store” as friendly reminder to get kids away from constantly looking at screens.  You can buy the stickers or even print your own. I love their tagline – “Because there isn’t an app for everything”.

It’s clearly not just a reminder that kids need to hear.

Below are some of the places where the pictures have already appeared, where would you put a sticker?

More pictures and updates here.

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