Because it's Friday: Bespoked by Johnnyrandom

As a child I would go out into the garden and raid my mum’s peg bag. I’d then go back into the house and find a piece of cardboard.

The cardboard would be folded over to make it stronger and then pegged to the rear forks of my bike with a small portion of it poking into the spokes of the wheel.

We’d then cycle around pretending to be motorbikes as the cardboard rasped against the spokes.

That’s the inspiration for composer Johnnyrandom’s composition Bespoked in which he uses a cycle as his musical instrument.

There are no synthesisers, samplers or drum machines used, just the cycle, if you want proof then each of the elements is available on SoundCloud.

Children these days are, of course, far too sophisticated for such simple pleasures:

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