"Bring your own Everything" by Steve Richards

Steve Richards has recently been writing about Knowledge Workers desire to Bring Your Own Everything:

Today the popular enterprise solution for Knowledge Workers is to allow them to ‘bring your own device’ maybe ‘bring your own apps’ even ‘bring your own technology’ but for me the genie us out of the bottle.  Knowledge workers and the high performance teams they work in want to ‘bring their own everything’ and just plug into the enterprise for only essential services.

from Bring Your Own Everything by Steve Richards

Steve then goes on to list a set of things that Knowledge Workers expect to bring with them, and it’s quite a list:

  1. place of work
  2. professional network
  3. personal knowledge management resources
  4. processes
  5. tools (including but not exclusively technology)
  6. and maybe even bring their own team

On the point of “and maybe even bring their own team” my personal view is that the current hierarchical organisational constructs of enterprises and large employers is already under significant pressure and will end as we know it.

The need for industrialised organisations is rapidly going away in many spheres of work.

The new organisation constructs will be much more network like and far less hierarchical. This shift to the network will make the idea of “bring your own team” a reality for many, actually I think the result will be more like “bring your own organisation”.

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