What is the R value in your organisation?

Over recent months many of us have become accustomed to politicians and scientists telling us about the R value for COVID-19.

A thought occurred to me today, what if we defined the R value for various aspects of business life.

What would the R value for email in you place of work tell you?

How about an R value for meetings? Imagine an R value of greater than 1 for meetings, would that be a good thing?

Would the overall R value for interactions during project start-up be helpful? Would a low R value indicate that your start-up has a problem?

What would an overall R value of less than 1 for interactions tell you about employee engagement?

What if an enterprise-social-media platform displayed the R value for a thread? Would you avoid threads with a high R value?

Does the same question apply to our use of technology in our personal lives? What would your R value be for Facebook comments?

Just pondering.

Header Image: Taking in the view after a late summer swim at Loughrigg Tarn.

One thought on “What is the R value in your organisation?”

  1. This reminds me of a post I wrote a long time ago about ‘common ground’ and how different types of teams/activities/lifecycle stages needed the team members to have lesser or greater amounts of it. When we worked together we often did very complex projects that hadn’t been done before, with all the unknowns and problems we faced we needed a lot of common ground: so we were collocated, we’d all worked together before, we knew each others strengths and weaknesses, we had our own labs etc. I pity teams dealing with similar projects today, with far less common ground to rely on https://steves.seasidelife.com/2014/04/07/simple-collaboration-framework-for-assessing-common-ground/ : All the best – Steve

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