What do you do on calls all day? A not so accurate analysis

Following on from yesterday’s post: The 10 Rules of Conference Calls – A Not So Definitive List, and the feedback that I received, I thought I would do a quick, not so accurate, analysis of what I did on calls all day:

A graph showing what I did on calls...
What do you do on calls all day? I think I may have over-estimated some of these.

Did I miss anything?

I think that there may be ways that we can optimise this process?

4 thoughts on “What do you do on calls all day? A not so accurate analysis”

  1. I always used to ‘hate’ the round tables, listening to half a dozen people drone on about their irrelevant week’s activities, almost all of it of no interest to me, but an hour consumed, that would have been 5 minutes in the past reading my managers highlight report. In too many cases a conference call serves only to fill up the diary of the person who called the meeting, so they have no time left to actually do any real work

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