Because it’s Friday: MAPfrappe – how big is that?

Have you ever wondered how big California is compared to Italy? Or perhaps you’ve wondered about the size of the parks in central London compared to Central Park in New York? Windermere compared to Loch Lomond? Or even Australia to the Sahara Desert? That’s where MAPfrappe comes in.

It’s a really simple interface one side is a map where you can draw around the feature that you want to compare, on the right is a map where you can align the outline you created with the feature you want to compare it with. What could be simpler?

There’s also a set of examples, if you click on the eye icon in the top right-hand corner.

Be warned though, you could spend hours doing this.

Windermere v Loch Lomond?

California v Italy?

St. James and Hyde Park in London v Central Park in New York?

Australia v the Sahara Desert?

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