Office Speak: There are just so many to choose from

I was wondering how many Office Speak posts I was going to get to write before I ran out of wonderful over-used clichés –  then I saw this video.

Avaya got an advertising agency to ask 300 of its staff what their most, or least, favourite business clichés were. This is the resulting video:

Yes, I think I’ve heard each one of them used in Office Speak.

Josh Bernoff did, however, point out that Avaya might like to go and check it’s own communications before it point the finger at others.

With so many to choose from I suspect I could be writing these posts for some time.

2 thoughts on “Office Speak: There are just so many to choose from”

  1. There are times I have an out of body experience and find myself looking down thinking “don’t say it” “don’t say it” ….”oh no you just said it”!


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