Because it's Friday: Remixing 'Call Me Maybe'

We live in a world were remixing is huge.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s song Call Me Maybe took off in the USA with a remixed video, it helped that the remix included Justin Bieber and a whole stack of other stars. Smile 

(According to some reports the original remix was posted before the official video)

The remixing didn’t stop there though, and this week even Sesame Street got in on the act:

Sesame Street: Share me maybe

The original remix:

Call Me Maybe featuring all sorts of people

Barack Obama gets mixed:

Barack Obama: Call me Maybe

It’s been particularly popular with collegiate sports teams:

Harvard Baseball 2012
Texas State parody of Harvard State

";” alt=””>

SMU Women’s Rowing 2012

SMU and Harvard even had a ‘face off’ on NBC:

";” alt=””>

SMU and Harvard face-off

These things get millions of viewers and I’m sure that the artists love all of the free publicity.

Oh, and before I forget, there’s also an official video which has been watched over 150 million times.

(I decided not to include the one from the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and Katy Perry)

Like this:

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