Because it’s Friday: The Preston Passion

This year is a big year in Preston (where I live), it’s Guild year, a tradition that dates back to 1179 and occurs every 20 years.

There are all sorts of events that happen throughout a Guild year, but this year has something new and that’s a Passion Play to mark Good Friday and the Easter Weekend. Hundreds of people from across the town have been practicing performances and songs for weeks. What’s more the play will be going out on BBC1 at 12:00 on Friday:

Fern Britton presents a ground-breaking live event marking Good Friday with a contemporary and ambitious exploration of the Passion story. A unique combination of spectacular mass participation performance and three original recorded dramas (starring Samantha Bond, Tom Ellis, Christine Bottomley, Pooky Quesnel, Ronald Pickup and Paul Barber) in moving stories based in Preston past and present, drawing on the enduring universal themes of the story of Christ’s condemnation and crucifixion. Traditional Holy Week choral music also combines with a modern day celebration of Easter as Heather Small sings live, marking the historic Preston Guild festivities.

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