Because it's Friday: 2011 in 100 words

Following on from a friend of mine, here’s 100 words for 2011. The idea is that you write out 100 words that characterise your year right off the top of your head, without any editing.

Here’s mine:

  • The Far North WestLibya Liberation
  • Arab Spring
  • Japan Tsunami
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Osama Executed
  • Dianne and Billie’s Wedding
  • New contract, job change
  • Summer river swimming
  • Great North Swim completed
  • Cold Buttermere swimming
  • Durness beach
  • Inverness dolphins
  • Derwentwater canoeing
  • Bible in a year
  • The Power of a Whisper
  • Tension headaches journey
  • Axioms
  • Watendlath evening
  • Blessings
  • Rich Pictures
  • Early morning Derwentwater swimming
  • Cycling to work
  • Because it’s Friday
  • Oban fish and chips
  • Strathfillan wigwam
  • Warm Buttermere swimming
  • My lovely family

Try it, you might be surprised by what comes to mind, I was surprised by how much swimming appeared in mine.

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