Because it's Friday: Extreme Freeborders

I’ve always been slightly jealous of people who can skateboard. It was something all of the cool kids could do when I was at school, but I never quite got the hang of it.

So imagine my ire when I came across this group for freeborders who can look so utterly in control while flying down the extreme roads of the Alps:

CHoE Tapes 2011 – BSV 2011 from CHoE on Vimeo.

Southern Alps Session from CHoE on Vimeo.

While we are on the subject of extreme speed, how about this one:

2 thoughts on “Because it's Friday: Extreme Freeborders”

  1. I was the same, something I never seemed to have the necessary co-ordination for. I did manage to lose half a tooth though.

    I focussed all my attention on Mountain biking and actually got quite good at it. Now I am simply frustrated at myself for getting so out of shape compared to my condition in late teens early 20’s. This is worse as my inability to ‘board was no fault of my own, my inability to hit the highs I used to on my bike is of my own doing


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