Because it’s Friday: Wind Powered Cheese

There’s a famous cheese in these parts called Garstang Blue.

It’s described like this:

Longridge Sunset

A unique, rich, mellow and indulgent blue cheese with an open body and a velvety, smooth and creamy texture.

Creamy white in colour with blue vein radiating from the rind. It is best served at room temperature.

What it doesn’t say in the description is that the main source of power for the production of this cheese is a huge wind turbine right next to the factory.

The turbine has become a bit of a landmark because it sits in the middle of what is quite a flat area stretching for miles around.

Anyway, the purpose of the post, I love to see ‘how it was made’ videos and here’s the one for the turbine:

Dewlay Turbine

So that’s how you get wind powered cheese.

(If you’re wondering where I sit on the Wind Turbine debate – I like them!)