Going +1 with AddThis

I’ve decided to go a bit +1 on this site.

If you read my posts via an RSS reader you probably haven’t noticed, so I’ll explain.

Google is trying to increase the relevancy of its search results by broadening the criteria it uses for importance. This change includes the creation of a new (relatively) capability called +1.

If you use Google at all you’ll have noticed these little +1 icons appearing next to search results:


Clicking on it give the site a recommendation, a bit like giving someone a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘Like’ with Facebook.

Via a nice little WordPress plug-in from AddThis I’ve made this capability available at the bottom my posts alongside a whole host of other sharing options.

The nice thing about using AddThis is that I also get access to some nice analytics on how many people are using the capability. I also get these analytics, for +1 via Google Analytics which is starting to show the impact of Social Interaction on search results.

So if you feel like you’d like to give me a ‘thumbs up’ on any one of my posts please feel free to click the button below.

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