Finding my mobile – a story of location software

Today the Chastney family went out to a local village with the intention of going for a Sunday afternoon stroll and to call in to a recently opened cafe.

Jimmy does BlackBerryIt would make the story too long to explain why we ended up at the cafe first without having a walk, and also why we hurried away from the cafe to return home. But that is what happened.

In the car, about half way home I realised that my Blackberry mobile wasn’t in my pocket. I patted my pockets and checked the pockets in the car, but no phone.

It was at that point that Jonathan pointed out that he and I shared Google Latitude information with each other. He checked his Android phone and told me that my mobile was still at the cafe.

Having dropped the others at home I returned to the cafe having spoken to them and confirmed that they had already collected my phone and had it in safe keeping.

A simple story of the value of location based software.

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