Video and Free Learning

Once upon a time people in the UK would stay up late to watch Open University programmes shown after the normal schedule of programmes.

BorrowdaleAlternatively you’d buy an expensive set of videos from a professional training outfit.

You might even go to a training seminar. If you wanted to hear someone really special you’d almost certainly have to travel. This seminar would cost you.

Today, there is a huge wealth of video learning available for free. Some of the most brilliant thinkers are available at the click of a few buttons.

Today I’ve been reminded of the wonders of this while watching a number of videos.

This was today’s selection:

Neil Pasricha talking about the Three ‘A’s of Awesome. Some great thoughts about how to look at life and go after the things that are genuinely you.

A great set of science experiments from Charles Limb. What is it that happens in our brain when we are improvising?

Alexander Kjerulf encouraging us to think about the positives at work in the 4 minute video.

Oh, and I nearly forgot I also watched a really interesting video from Microsoft Research on MirageBlocks which looks like a really interesting way to think about the convergence of the physical and the virtual.

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