Do work – Delight in work

I’ve always tried to be in a position where I love what I am doing at work. I’m not a mercenary who is just doing it for the money – I need to feel a value in what I do. The money could never make up for the feeling of achievement.

That need to feel value often means that I’ll go beyond the bare minimum so that I can get to the real meaning of what I am doing.

We have a standard methodology for some of what we do as an organisation but I regard it as a privilege to be in a position where I have a reasonable amount of autonomy over what I do. This freedom means I can go above and beyond when there is value in doing so and delight in doing it – a bit like this ice-cream seller:

I could spend my life delivering ice-cream, but I’d rather be delighting the customer and myself while I’m at it.

Hat tip to The Chief Happiness Officer for the video.

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