Things Don't Get Done in Meetings

I’ve been an observer of meetings for some time. It’s something that we do in business but I’m sure most people have no idea why.

This morning I’m struck by two thoughts.

The first comes from listening to a Daniel Pink podcast talking about “autonomy”.from his recent book – Drive.

The other comes from Leadership Freak and states wonderfully a set of 4 ways that Managers roadblock productivity one of which states:

Meetings – Too many meetings that include too many people that share too much detail. Here’s some motivation to abbreviate or cancel meetings. They are expensive. A one hour meeting with 8 people in attendance costs their combined salaries plus lost productivity. Remember, you don’t get anything done in a meeting. Things get done after meetings.

(Highlights mine)

Meetings are nearly always the opposite of autonomy.

They are there to serve the purposes of the person who organised the meeting, and no-one else.

Mutually beneficial meetings are the rarest of all things.

Meetings rarely produce any meaningful outcomes and all too often come to the wrong conclusion that is changed at a later date.

I could go on, but I’m determined to write shorter blog posts in 2011 – and I’ve got a meeting to go to.

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