Top 10 – Lazy Blogging Tips

Here are some tips for the lazy blogger – but remember “lazy” doesn’t necessarily mean “good”.

The aim of the lazy blogger is to get as many updates on their blog as possible – with the minimal amount of effort. Here are some great ways of getting the most output for the minimal amount of input:

  1. Write about the same subject over and over again. There’s no need to find something new to say, you can just regurgitate the same old stuff under a different title.
  2. Get systems to post stuff you are doing in other places. Delicious, Twitter, even Facebook can be made to post the updates you make there into your blog. It’s really annoying for the reader because the value is very low indeed, but at least it keeps your blog updating.
  3. Top and tale someone else’s content. Find a post you like, copy most of the content out of it into your blog, make a comment at the beginning and the end, done.
  4. Embed. As with above, just embed someone else’s picture, video, etc. in order to create a post of your own. You can do this without even topping and tailing.
  5. Just write infrequently.It’s a balance between laziness and neglect.
  6. Split your posts into multiple posts. If you do get an idea of something to write about, don’t put it all into one post so that it’s easy to read. Instead split the updates across a number of days by writing multiple posts.
  7. Write trivia. There’s always something useless that can be said, but probably shouldn’t be said.
  8. The “popular posts” blog. Just cut and paste a list of the most read posts from your WordPress statistics and post it. This list is highly unlikely to change very often partly because you’ve increased the popularity of the popular posts by posting them as popular posts.
  9. Write Top 10 lists. They are very poplar, they’re easy to write, and often only contain a couple of really valuable insights. I’ve never really understood the phenomenon myself.
  10. Why does there need to be 10?

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