Sorry – Google Earth

Hands Up

I feel it’s appropriate to issue a public apology for introducing so many of my friends to Google Earth and in so doing consuming hours and hour of their valuable time.

Over the last few weeks I have talked to a few people about how fascinating I had found Google Earth, and how much time I had spent on exploration of our amazing planet.

Unfortunately I clearly didn’t explain to them just how addictive this pass-time was. Following on from these conversations I have since had many of them complaining about the amount of time that they have spent just looking around.

I went around to Dave’s house the other day and we spent again trying to find a hotel in a middle of a lake in India. We had the maps out that he had used to get there, we searched around and eventually found it. We were consumed for a good hour. I have no idea how long Dave had been playing prior to this, but it was more than a few minutes, I know that much.

Another friend, I won’t name them for obvious reasons, who works from home admitted to spending an entire working afternoon enjoying the views of South America.

Perhaps I should start a self help group helping people to release themselves of this addiction. ‘Google Earth Anonymous’ how does that sound, or ‘Addicts to Google Earth’ although that would be AGE.

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