Longhorn (heart) RSS

Maize Maze

I love to watch enthusiast people – it’s infectious, and this team are certainly enthusiastic.

The RSS team at Microsoft demonstrate what they have been doing in this Channel 9 video. They do a great job of talking through the importance of building subscription right into the bedrock of the platform.

We are going to have great fun as Infrastructure people working out how that impacts on the infrastructure that we deliver. Content providers are also going to have to consider the impact of their actions, and that could be fun. Imagine the corporate environment where a huge number of individuals have chosen to automatically download enclosures and someone decided to add a 200MB file into the enclosure set. Within a very short period of time those enclosures are on there way down to every device.

It has to be the way to go, though. The challenge is dealing with the human behaviour changes that will be required.

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