“Two million lured to spoof tan site”

Sometimes I read a story and wonder whether there is really any hope for us.The Road to Inveraray

A spoof website offering computer users a tan through their screens has received nearly two million visits in just a few months.

Computertan.com was launched by charity Skcin in a bid to raise awareness of the danger of ultraviolet rays.

Its new infomercial, designed by advertising agency McCann Erikson, promises viewers a tan from the safety of their desk and offers a free trial of the "tantastic experience".

The slick production even runs a fake calibration tool to set up the gadget. But images of UV bars on the screen soon fade to reveal the message: "Don’t be fooled. UV exposure can kill".

Viewers are then met with graphic pictures of damage done by ultraviolet rays.

From MSN

That’s right 2 MILLION people believed that their computer screen could give them a tan, and what’s more, they thought that it was a good idea?

The whole thing is wrong on so many levels that I don’t quite know where to begin – so I’m not going to bother even trying.

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