Blessings #159 – Thursday Morning Breakfast

Most Thursday mornings I go to a friends house for breakfast where three of us get together for a chat and a pray.

There’s no agenda, there’s no pressure, there’s no expectations even, we even overrun the scheduled time – breakfast, chat, pray that’s about as detailed as it gets. But or all their informality those times are so very special indeed, wonderful actually.

There are things I can say in those times that I can say in few other places.

There are feelings that i can reveal without fear of being judged or fixed.

It’s a wonderful safe place where I get to spend some time with some special friends.

In a world of face, pretence, uncertainty, perception, marketing, change, chatter, selfishness, disruption, one-up-man-ship and front it’s a time and a place that I find I increasingly need.

I believe that true worth isn’t found in the clammering of the masses, but in the day-to-day love of the few.

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