Bonkers World: Pre-meal Ritual

In our house you’re not allowed to bring an electronic device to the table, but I see this everywhere I go. Also, I’m not sure it’s only pre-meal, it seems that people find it increasingly more difficult to last more than a few minutes without connecting.┬áIn this I’m apparently one of 62% of people who disapprove of keeping a phone at the table during a meal.

I’m not sure about the 1010 AD picture, it’s more like 1910 AD, in 1010 AD (approximately) the Vikings were just discovering America.

The other night I went to pick up my daughter from a friend’s house along with some other friends. I was followed out by a line of teenagers all looking at their mobile devices. I joked with them that we were related to moths – “most look at the light, must look at the light”.

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