Walking with Free Ears – What happened when I left my headphones at home

When was the last time you walked with free ears?

I nearly always walk with my headphones in. The introvert in me quite enjoys the feeling of escape that it gives me. Most of the time I’m listening to podcasts so it’s also a great way of keeping up-to-date.

On Saturday I went walking and I forgot my headphones.

I was immediately frustrated that I couldn’t enjoy my normal experience and a long day of walking ahead. There were a couple of podcasts that I was really looking forward to listening to and now a change of plan had been thrust open me by my own foolishness.

As the frustration subsided I started to realise something – the experience of walking with free ears was invigorating.

As I walked up the hill I marvelled at the peace and quiet of that particular day.

Higher up the clouds were down and the visibility was reduced to a few metres, the wind was blowing and my hood was up. The forcefulness of the wind was awesome and I was back in my introverted cocoon.

As a descended later I relished the opportunity to fling off my hood and open my ears to the outside world again.

I think I need to leave my ears free a bit more often.

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