Attention Management – Focussed or Flexible

One of the questions I have had about Attention Management has been the balance between focussed attention which mandates a dedicated focus on a single activity verses the need to be flexible and adaptable. You can’t give detailed attention to more than one thing at a time.

Most days need me to make a choice between activities that push a number of activities a little further forward in a flexible way and detailed creative working on a specific activity.

Breadth and Variety v Total-focus and Perfection

In this recent video The School of Life highlights this conundrum in our desire for work-life balance:

I can see that there are problems at both ends of the spectrum. If you only ever do one thing then you probably aren’t living life to the fullest. If you are trying to do everything then you asking for a burn-out.  I suspect that the answer is different for each person, but how do we know where we should be in the continuum?

(Today’s picture is of a Puffin, they survive on sandeel, herring and capelin. In recent years there have been problems in the sandeel population of the coast of the UK. This has led to massive problems for the inflexible Puffin)

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