Rant Over

I try to write positive and informative items.

I try not to write rants.

I could easily write rants, but there are plenty of people doing that already and I don’t see any value being just another voice in the crowd.

This morning I started writing a posting about a phrase I’ve been hearing quite a lot recently. It’s one of those management phrases that gain popularity, are repeated endlessly, but don’t stand up to scrutiny. These phrases get under my skin. Having written most of the posting I read through it to realise that it was just a rant, so you’re not going to get to see it. I’m going to have to think a bit longer before I can write something informative.

I do write critical articles, but I hope that they are informative rather than ranting. If I do write something that you think is just a rant please feel free to point it out.

7 thoughts on “Rant Over”

  1. Is this just the trailer then… 😉

    Deep Voiceover Guy:
    “Graham felt the ‘rant’ building up, it was trying to get out on to the page, it wanted to join all the other rants out there on the other blogs.

    But Graham was stronger…

    Graham knew there was a point to be made, but the rant wasn’t it.

    What Graham wanted to say will be revealed…”

    Same bat-time, same bat-channel… !!!


    1. The phrase, much beloved of corporate leaders…

      “Our people are our most valuable asset”.

      An email later in the day demonstrated how timely a rant on that subject would have been, but then I suspect some would have accused me of insider knowledge, which I didn’t have.


  2. From Wikipedia :an asset is Anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value. I’ve known a few ‘intangible’ people in my time 🙂


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