Which Countries Work The Most? The OECD Better Life Index

The statistics in the graphic at the bottom of this post come from the OECD Better Life Index. For the UK it makes for interesting reading.

The full index measures 11 different parameters across 35 countries. The graphic focusses on the data behind just one of those indexes – average yearly working hours. People in the UK sit in the top third of the ranking at 1,790 hours per year.

The interesting observation, from someone who works for an American lead company, is that we in the UK work longer hours (1,790) per year than they do in the USA (1,654). We are nowhere near the 2,226 hours they do in Mexico though.

On many measures of the Better Life Index the UK does quite well, ranking highly on:

  • Income
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Civic Engagement
  • Health
  • Safety

We sit in the middle of the pack for:

  • Housing
  • Jobs

The index areas where we aren’t happy:

  • Education
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Work-Life Balance

From a personal perspective the ranking looks about right, but I’m only one person in 62 million.

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