"Once again, these features are available now and you can start using them today."

Reading through an AWS Official blog post today I was struck by the power of the closing statement:

Once again, these features are available now and you can start using them today.

We have become used to continuous change that we forget how profound a statement it is.

For much of my working life I’ve lived through the era of packaged application deployment. Hundreds and thousands of devices, running hundreds of applications with each needing to be updated individually. These updates required terabytes of storage and gigabits of network bandwidth.

Changing a large application required weeks of planning and protracted project timelines. Only then would devices join the network and receive the required updates, even so success rates were variable, at best.

These changes were so massive that organisations would only do a few a year.  The organisational impact of moving any faster was just too high, you would want to finish one before you started the next one.

The move to Software-as-a-Service and Utility Services enables a world of continuous change. It’s no longer valid to talk about version x.y of something when it’s different every day.

Organisations can stop worrying about the impact of change and focus on the value of change.

The post itself is about an impressive set of enhancements to Amazon’s WorkSpaces offering, but the real power is in the ability to deliver the benefits without friction and without protracted deployment projects.

“start using them today” are very powerful words for organisations seeking to keep up with the competition.

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