INSTA, TWIT and BOOK say goodbye to PLUS

Many gangs have people who hang around trying to join them; wanting to be part of the inner circle, INSTA, TWIT and BOOK‘s gang was no exception. PLUS has tried to become a full member of the gang for some time now but they’ve never made the grade.

Recently PLUS has reluctantly decided to stop trying and has decided to make its own way in the world.

Fortunately for PLUS they retained a shape-shifting ability in their DNA. Enacting this ability they have started the morph into STREAM and PHOTO whilst giving birth to a new child HANG. I suspect HANG will get adopted by the DRIVE gang leaving STREAM and PHOTO to go their own way.

INSTA, TWIT and BOOK noticed that PLUS had left, but they didn’t have a party. PLUS was one of many trying cement a place in the gang; PLUS may have been one of the noisiest but it’s not always noise that makes the difference.

The thing about being at the top of the tree, as INSTA TWIT and BOOK are, is the constant fear that someone is going to chop your tree down or build a bigger one right next to you.

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