Microsoft – Productivity Future Vision (2015)

Over the years Microsoft have produced a number of videos to portray a vision of the future. The previous ones were in 20092011 and 2013, so I suppose it makes sense that they have published one in 2015.

Below is the latest one, with a further information here. The dominant perspective seems to be screens – screens on wrists, screens in hands, screens on tables, screens as walls, flexible screens. I suppose the problem with portraying the future of data is that it doesn’t work too well on video, but there is a huge amount of data being shown on the screens.

(There’s a scene in it where someone is driving along in an open-top Jeep,  when I was expecting Dinosaurs to come in from the side Jurassic Park style).

One thought on “Microsoft – Productivity Future Vision (2015)”

  1. I guess since they don’t show people talking, it seems dominated by screens, but to me it was a nice mix of voice, gesture/touch and visual interfaces, just scaled up from today. The key thing with all these user interfaces, was the complete lack of any way to figure out how they worked, what could be dropped where, to achieve what … maybe if you grow up learning them incrementally, it will all work out just fine. Personally I liked the wall scale video interfaces, and hated the massive wrist cuff and flexible screens


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