INSTA, TWIT and BOOK – The Fellowship of the Recipe

INSTA, TWIT and BOOK were sisters. They weren’t biological sisters, they were sisters in a fellowship.

This fellowship of sisters held a secret recipe.

This was a powerful recipe that once mixed had the power to create and alter emotions. Sometimes it would produce delight, at other times it produced anger. The recipe regularly had the power to create temporary stupidity; less often displayed was its ability to produce wisdom and wonder.

The recipe wasn’t absolutely specific in some areas and each of the sisters mixed their particular version of the recipe in different ways. The different mixes produced differing results; INSTA’s recipe produced visual results, TWIT’s recipe produced short succinct results, BOOK’s recipe produced a different result every time.

Different people preferred the results of one recipe to another, but many people liked to sample the recipe from each of the sisters. Once experienced most people found the recipe very difficult to resist. The flavour in the recipe, once tasted would draw people back time and again. The demand for the recipe was so great that it was constantly being mixed. It flowed constantly out of INSTA, TWIT and BOOK’s kitchens. Sometimes they changed their recipes a little causing people to complain at the change in flavour.

There was no monetary charge for the recipe but to get a portion people were expected to contribute to the next mix, without their contribution the mix would die. Many people had wonderful things to add to the recipe, but there were also many who were so desperate to contribute that they would contribute anything. Some people’s contributions became valued above those of others for the way that they added to the flavour of the recipe, but the recipe itself was always owned by INSTA, TWIT and BOOK.

The more people contributed to the recipe the more it flowed, soon it was flowing across the whole world and it began to feel like it was impossible to get away from the clamour of people contributing to and consuming the recipe.

INSTA, TWIT and BOOK weren’t biologically sisters, but INSTA and BOOK were related by marriage. Day by day INSTA and BOOK become closer friend, this meant that sometimes TWIT felt a bit left out. TWIT worried that her recipe would get forgotten as the popularity of the other sisters increased so TWIT set about adjusting her recipe so that it too was more visual like that of INSTA’s. However they felt about each other, though, the sisters would never reveal the secret of the recipe, the secret itself was too valuable.

Other people would come along with a recipe of their own and tried to join the fellowship. PLUS, TUM and LINK each came to display their results but none of them made it into the fellowship. INSTA, TWIT and BOOK were the Fellowship of the Recipe and it was going to take a lot to let someone else join. If they were going to join they would have to show that they too understood the recipe.

People would question whether it was healthy to spend so much time consuming the recipe; others were concerned by the amount that was being contributed to the recipe. The recipe was so compelling that some people would let their life away from the recipe diminish into neglect. INSTA, TWIT and BOOK said that all they did was mix the recipe, what people contributed and how much time they spent consuming it was nothing to do with them.

The recipe remains strong. The Fellowship continues to be strained by the relationship between TWIT and the others, but the recipe stays secret – for now.

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