AWS Config now with ServiceNow Integration

Amongst the list of reasons why the cloud is the place to host an application is the ability to dynamically provision and stand-down resources. That very dynamism leads to one of the challenges of any cloud implementation – resource tracking and configuration management.

Yesterday Amazon announced that AWS Config (which had previously been announced in November 2014) was moving out of preview.

AWS Config tracks and records the configuration changes, but most organisations already have a repository for integrating configuration across the business and they don’t do 100% of their activity in AWS. For many that integration point is ServiceNow’s Configuration Management (CMDB) and yesterday ServiceNow announced that they have integrated AWS Config into ServiceNow Configuration Management.

AWS Partner ServiceNow provides a comprehensive solution for enterprises to manage services deployed in the Amazon cloud. ServiceNow integrates AWS Config with the ServiceNow CMDB, and allows you to manage usage and costs of your AWS resources at the application, service, and cost center levels.

It’s another step towards AWS being completely embedded into normal business operations:

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