Visitor Review 2014 – Holding Steady

I primarily write this blog for my own benefit but I still find some value in understanding who is visiting.

The best that can be said about 2014 is that the numbers held steady on 2013. Actually, if I’m honest the volume of visitors actually reduced by 1.8% which isn’t great.

There are some interesting insights behind that raw statistic:

  • The number of direct visitors fell off significantly.
  • The numberofreferals from social media sites grew dramatically:
    • Facebook continues to be the largest and grew over 20%.
    • Twitter and LinkedIn referals grew ten-fold.
    • Google+ referals were small and down 50%.
  • Google continues to be the largest referer and stayed the most static.
  • There was a 50% growth in visits from mobile devices.
  • There was a 60% growth in tablets.
  • Chrome continued its growth with Firefox being the biggest loser.
  • The UK is the largest visitor and continues to grow, up 50%.
  • The United States is the second largest visitor, but has shrunk by 40%.

Onwards into 2015.

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