Blogs: Top 50 for 2014

Having already highlighted the top Friday posts and the top Quotation posts, here’s the top 50 of the rest:

  1. A Lack Of Planning On Your Part Does Not Constitute An Emergency On Mine
  2. BYOD and Productivity Statistics
  3. Axiom: People join companies, but leave managers
  4. Windows Live LifeCam
  5. The Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS)
  6. Rich Pictures
  7. In the Office before Christmas
  8. The Productive Workplace: The Novel and Adaptive Thinking Space
  9. Concept of the Day: Cultural Plasticity
  10. I love what I do – because – I’m good at what I do – because…
  11. HM Government: Changing the security classification system
  12. Slow Logon v Slow Applications
  13. Aurora Notifications
  14. The Productive Workplace – Activities and Skills
  15. Ignore Everybody – and other quotations
  16. Team Development: Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing
  17. “Bring your own Everything” by Steve Richards
  18. Axiom: The 10X Employee
  19. Factors of the Productive Workplace – Introduction
  20. Productive Workplace: Virtual Collaboration Spaces
  21. Productive Workplace: Cognitive Load Management Spaces
  22. The Power of Consumerisation – Upgrade Statistics
  23. Is my job going to be computerised? (UK edition)
  24. A Field Guide to Procrastinators
  25. Is my job going to be computerised?
  26. Top for 2013: The Rest
  27. Office Speak and Buzzword Density
  28. Productive Workplace: The Trans-disciplinary Space
  29. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) v Choose Your Own Device (CYOD)
  30. BYOD Concept Map (Version 1)
  31. Buzzword Density: 2.0
  32. My Tools: Lift
  33. What’s your mobile device posture?
  34. The Productive Workplace: The Space for Computational Thinking
  35. Learning of an Architect
  36. xkcd: Turbine
  37. “There’s no such thing as information overload only failure to filter”
  38. Slimming down (my blog subscriptions)
  39. How to Measuring Knowledge Worker Output? Metrics?
  40. Privacy Degradation by Degree
  41. Dilbert on Abstraction
  42. The Productive Workplace: The Socially Intelligent Space
  43. Microsoft and the Surprising Strategic Play
  44. Modern day life rules #1 – Public space noise
  45. My Tools: Feedly
  46. Factors of the Productive Workplace – A Little Personal History
  47. The Productive Workplace – Sense-making Spaces
  48. Concept Mapping (and Rich Pictures)
  49. Productive Workplace: The Happiness Blanket in the Office?
  50. Department Naming Theory

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