Celebrating my first wearable – the Sony Walkman

The Sony Walkman turns 35 this week, this was my first wearable.

I’m not sure when I got my first one, or even whether my first one was a Sony. I certainly had a Sony Walkman for a time because everyone aspired to have a proper Walkman.

I’ve lived, for most of my life, with the expectation that music is mobile. The current generation probably don’t even give that a thought, I wonder what the next generation will regard as naturally mobile.

Although everyone aspired to have a Sony Walkman, my favourite portable cassette player was the JVC CX5 which I think I still have in a box in the garage.

(Although I’m showing the Walkman WM-2 in the image, I could never have afforded a WM-2 they were way out of the range of someone on a paper-round wage)


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