My Tools: Lift

Time moves on and things change. So, it seems, have the tools that I use and hence time to write some more posts in the My Tools series.

Lift is primarily a mobile application which describes itself as:

The Ultimate Goal Platform

I use it to help build and reinforce a set of habits.

The principle is quite simple, you subscribe to an activity that you want to achieve, or create your own. You add activities that you intend to do on a daily basis or build on day-by-day; then you configure a set of reminders to help you, that’s it.

Then you tick-off, with a swipe, each activity as you complete them:


Lift then tracks how you get on:


Lift encourages you to make progress with customised reminders highlighting progress:


If you subscribe to an activity, rather than create your own you can also participate in the community with other people trying to achieve the same goal.

I’ve been using lift for a few weeks now, primarily to rebuild and reinforce some habits. I have to say that I’ve had mixed success, but some success is helpful. I started with just two goals and built from there.  The early goals are the ones that I now tick-off on most days, the later ones are the ones I’m struggling to build. There are multiple reasons for my struggles, but I’m determined to keep making progress and Lift helps.

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