The Power of Consumerisation – Upgrade Statistics

As we rapidly approach the spluttering whimpering long overdue death of Windows XP it occurs to me that around 25% of all PC devices still run the operating system.

This is 6 years after an upgrade option was available in Windows Vista (30th January 2007), although arguably a practical upgrade option only arrived in Windows 7 (22nd October 2009) but even that has been available for 50 months.

Compare that to the 5 months since iOS 7 was released and the penetration of that new operating system at over 80%.

In a consumer driven world things got done 10 times faster.

Some of this can be attributed to newer technology, but most of it is due to the different approaches that are required in a consumer world and hence built in from the start.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Consumerisation – Upgrade Statistics”

  1. Although I recall that BP had perhaps a 1000 users managing their own PCs and they all upgraded to Windows 7 when it came out within a couple of months, including dealing with all their app and peripheral compatibility issues via a peer group support forum, so its not inherently a Windows issue.


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