Top for 2013: Blessings

It’s been a quiet year for writing on the Blessings blog. I’m not apologising for that, it’s just an observations.


I tend to write these posts when I’m inspired to do so rather than having a schedule that I write to. This results in posts being more likely to be written while I’m on holiday.

  1. #183 – Counting the thing I have that money can’t buy
  2. #120 – Short Stories
  3. #176 – Hovis Digestives
  4. #189 – Travelling a New Path
  5. #193 – The Smell of Summer Rain
  6. #188 – Reminiscing
  7. #190 – Ink
  8. #192 – Sand Martins and Swallows
  9. #117 – Warm Socks
  10. #191 – The Seagull Call

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