Acronyms: TLA

On my first day at work during a placement in the middle of my University course I was invited into a meeting with most of my new team.

LismoreAfter watching some rather scary videos of missiles nearly crashing into the back of aeroplanes, from which they were supposed to be being dropped, the meeting started.

The first thing the person chairing the meeting said was:

No TLA’s today.

As you can see we have a new member and they won’t be able to understand you if you use TLA’s.

I spent the rest of the meeting trying to work out what a TLA was.

I was too shy to ask and this was a time before the Internet existed and there definitely wasn’t a Google – TLA even has its own Wikipedia page these days.

I’ve been fascinated by the use of acronyms ever since.

I’m thinking that this might become an occasional series, but I tend not to think these things out in advance, so I’m not sure how many or when.

(If you are still wondering a TLA is a Three Letter Acronym!)

(Not all of the acronyms I’m going to write about will be three letter ones!)

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