Blog's I didn't write in 2012

Many of my blog posts are written in response to something that someone else has written. I read a lot of other people’s blogs and when I find something I find interesting I star it (in Google Reader speak). Preston Guild Torchlight ProcessionI’ll then go back and look at the stared items and write about them. Sometimes though I have more stared items than time to write, sometimes when I go back to the stared items I’m not sure what I should write. So the number of stared items grows over time.

Here’s a list of blog posts that I didn’t write based on articles that I sound interesting:

Potentially for Because it’s Friday’s

Potentially for Technical, Learning and Social Writings

How’s that for an eclectic mix of information?

I’m not saying that I won’t return to some of these in 2013, but as so much information gets published all of the time it’s unlikely. If there’s something you’d like to write about out of this list just leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

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