Blessings #188 – Reminiscing

This evening we were watching a video that was recorded in the early 1990’s.

The Forbidden CornerIt was wonderful to see the changing fashions on show.

Did people really where such large glasses?

Lots more ties worn back then, interesting patterns too.

Nice haircut, even nicer moustaches.

There was a scene set in a church, there was someone stood at the front with an overhead projector and acetates. The screen was the size of postage stamp.

The man holding the acetates reminded me of the times that I had the same role. He was stood there like a panther ready to pounce, the last thing you ever wanted to do was to miss a change of verse. At the same time though there was a certain pressure to look like you were worshipping, you were at the front after all.

On a later scene in a different church it was a smartly dressed young girl looking delighted to be taking part. I quite enjoyed being in control of the acetates. There were times when everything seemed to go wrong, but on the whole it was a pleasurable experience. The technology has all changed but I still enjoy serving people in worship.

Reminiscing: Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.

Reminiscing is a good type of looking back. There are times in most of our lives that we can look back on that are far from enjoyable recollections. For some people there are unpleasant things in there past that loom so large it makes seeing the enjoyable thing almost impossible. For most of us it’s a mixture of good and not-so-good.

I wonder what the apostles felt as they looked back at their time with Jesus?

In John’s gospel there are a number of times when a phrase similar to "One of the disciples, the one Jesus loved dearly" is used. Is commonly understood that John is trying humbly talk about himself. What a reminiscence to have?

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