Infographic: Working from Home

An interesting infographic on working from home with a collection of interesting statistics. I was particularly interested to see the split of people and where they think they are most productive – pretty much a third at home, a third in the office and third at either. For me, it depends on what I am doing at the time.

One thought on “Infographic: Working from Home”

  1. I was in the office the other day, on a couple of lengthy calls, There were a group of people nearby having a “cross partition” meeting and drowning out the people I was listening to. Others were chatting loudly to compensate for that noise, people around getting louder on other calls. The escalation of Normal office sounds was deafening.

    I’ve tried to work my day generally speaking so that if may day is predominately calls then is done from home, otherwise I’m usually in the office the problem being is that then I end up being one of those creators of “office noise”

    I also find my concentration is higher at home as I pace around whilst talking to people, this gets me away from IM and email distraction that I get sucked into when “confined” to my desk.


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