The Move to Mobile (in the UK)

Google has made a new set of data available at their Our Mobile Planet site covering research into the use of smartphones for 2012:


The site contains a set of reports on mobile usage by country, but also makes the entire dataset of the research available as both a file and also via an interactive charting tool.

Being from the UK I was particularly interested in the report for here which has the following observations in its Executive Summary:

  • Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives
  • Smartphones have transformed consumer behaviour
  • Smartphones help users navigate the world
  • Smartphones have changed the way consumers shop
  • Smartphones help advertisers connect with consumers

There are a number of really interesting statistics too:

  • Smartphone penetration has grown from 30% in 2011 to 51% in 2012
  • 78% of smartphone owners don’t leave home without their device
  • 72% of smartphone owners use them at work
  • 64% of smartphone owners access the Internet at least once a day and emailing is still the most popular usage
  • 21% would rather give up the TV than their smartphone
  • 80% of people use their smartphone while doing other things, 55% of them while watching the TV
  • and many more…

This would ring true from what I am seeing out-and-about, and the observations are similar across the globe.

Here’s one of the charts for men of my age group and the importance of the smartphone, 74% won’t leave home without their phone and 20% would rather give up their computer than give up their smartphone:


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